Jobvite Mobile Career Sites

Let them apply anywhere. With any device. Anytime.

Can you meet the demand for mobile job searches?

Recent research shows that an increasing majority of job seekers expects full-featured functionality from their mobile devices. Jobvite Mobile Career Sites help recruiters rise to the challenge with ease, so they can receive more resumes and find top talent anytime, anywhere.

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Expanded Candidate Reach

Almost half of job seekers today use mobile devices to search for jobs. Jobvite Mobile Career Sites ensure your ability to connect with these modern applicants, regardless of where they are or what mobile platform they use.

Mobile Application Process

Building off the capabilities already available on job seekers’ devices—such as the ability to apply through social profiles, or access resumes and other key documents through cloud-based storage—Jobvite’s mobile career website solution makes it easy for candidates to apply from phones or tablets.

Branded & Easy to Use

Maintaining a unified employment brand across all platforms is essential to engaging with top talent. Jobvite Mobile Career Sites help you extend your brand seamlessly and easily to mobile devices, so candidates always know what your company can offer—without extra work on your part.

Career sites adapted to mobile viewers help drive more applicants while enhancing your brand.

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