Jobvite Video

The easy and efficient video interviewing and screening tool that saves you time, effort, and money.

Tired of wasting hours on scheduling?

Jobvite Video is an on-demand video interviewing tool that helps you quickly weed out less qualified candidates and zero in on those who best meet your requirements. In turn, you can cut costs and hire much faster.

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Streamlined Process

Connect with more applicants, involve more interviewers, and get a short list of quality candidates faster.

Personalization and Control

Customize and configure candidate-specific welcome pages and expiration dates, while allowing candidates to access their recordings with unlimited playback.

On-demand and Online

Reduce remote hiring costs—and help candidates save time and travel expenses—with pre-recorded interview questions delivered via a 100% web-based platform.

Video interviews are the intersection of innovation and efficiency.

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Broad Feedback

Get the most in-depth candidate evaluations possible by soliciting feedback from all relevant contributors across the company.


Enrich candidate profiles by saving their video interviews as assets, so you can strengthen the long-term value of your talent pool.


Jobvite Video is built into Jobvite Hire, so you can invite, interview, screen, schedule, track, and hire—all from a single login.

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